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We are architects of both building and site, who have brought the challenge and excitement of the design and building process to more than 300 clients in the North East. Our work is well known for its distinct curb appeal, integration of building with site and the quality of our interior spaces. Egnatz Associates unique organizational model as a boutique studio style firm allows us to provide highly personalized and efficiently delivered architectural services. Working with developers, realtors, builders, public agencies and individuals, we bring to our clients a strong understanding of the marketplace, the construction process and an ability to design “outside the box”.  Whether a commercial or residential project, we create a sapient balance between classic New England architectural styles, environmental concerns and emerging building technologies.        

Firm History - Egnatz Associates, Inc. has 20 years of experience in providing architectural, landscaping and site design services throughout the New England region. The firm’s early practice concentrated on land use planning, agency approvals, and the design of single and multifamily housing. During the mid 1990’s, their work expanded to include retail, restaurant, commercial renovation, school, postal service, church and historic preservation projects. To date they have participated in projects ranging from over 250,000 square feet to less than 1000 and are currently expanding their staff to answer an increasing demand for services in Affordable and Multi-Family Housing.

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